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have you ever considered that female celebrities claim not to be feminists/push a watered down version of feminism because it’s fucking unsafe for them to admit to anything else? emma watson gave the most watered down, man friendly speech on feminism i’ve ever seen in my life and men threatened to leak nudes of her and attack her so


this episode changed me forever


oh you’re watching pacific rim? i love that movie, the way they just [clenches fist] rim all of the pacific


My favorite new meme

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THIS IS HOW THE BRITISH PRESS RESPONDS TO THE KILLINGS OF DISABLED CHILDREN. All of these extracts were taken from UK news websites. the final tweet is in response to a now-deleted tweet from politician Sandy Kaylan, who praised a mother for ‘euthanising’ her infant children

tania Clarence, 43, admitted to smothering three of her children, all of whom suffered from physical disabilities. Regardless of the circumstances that led to their tragic deaths, these methods of reporting are unethical and go against the British editors code of practice - which states that, once proceedings are active, the press cannot publish any material that could create substantial risk of prejudice in court. The language used in these articles (“tragic mum”, “the unbearable burden of care”, putting the word murder in scare quotes, etc) does exactly that. Reading these articles, it is clear who we are meant to “side” with.

that these rules on court proceedings are apparently not applicable to cases involving the killing of disabled children shows how little the British press (and by extension, the public) cares about the welfare of disabled people in this country. Calling these children burdens and implying they deserved to die reinforces ableism and makes the world a more dangerous place for disabled people. Yet the press does not count it as encouraging prejudice. maybe it’s because we believe the unlawful killing of disabled infants does not “count” as a real crime

This is abhorrent.

5,000 notes. Tumblr really that’s it?

People are surprised that this only had 5000 notes? That’s pretty much a standard problem. Tumblr as a whole tends to not really give a shit about ableism. I mean this might not be the case for smaller communities like the autistic community or the mentally ill communities etc, but yeah, I’m very much unsurprised at the lack of notes. That’s pretty standard.

After all, tumblr circulated a petition to make a death star but didn’t really circulate one that advocated for it to be illegal to prevent a disabled person from receiving an organ transplant.

But you know. What do I know?






LoK + unnecessary censoring



"Why do you have three ponytails?? *sniffs* and why do you smell like shit" XD

Lin was perfect. 

"You should’ve seen Air Temple Island after Tenzin **** me."


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Who you calling cootie queen? You LINT LICKER

—A bitch who about that action  (via chanelofhouston)

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when u gay at school but not at home


#Appa likes to distract me from doing my homework so I can play with him. #yipyipmothafucker

#Appa likes to distract me from doing my homework so I can play with him. #yipyipmothafucker

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so thats what its called


so thats what its called

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